Vinzenz Hölzl
Head of Art Direction

    What is your role at Maison Moderne? 

    As Head of Art Direction, I lead our creative visual team and oversee all productions to ensure the best results for both our own brands and communication and our clients.

    What do you like most about your job?

    It’s a very vibrant, fast-paced environment to work in, there is always something happening. It is great to work with all these talented people, enriching each other with our different backgrounds and expertises. Guiding people to make the best of themselves and create stunning work is what makes every day exciting.

    What was your dream job when you were a child?

    I wanted to become an architect, I was obsessed with floor plans, especially of those cheesy American suburb houses.

    The passion that drives you?

    At heart, I am really passionate about getting across information and communicating messages most relevant to people in an efficient way. Telling engaging stories and creating them from scratch, in a team collaborating with journalists, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators is what really drives me.

    What would you tell your friends to make them visit Luxembourg?

    Fairytale like, great wines and food, gotta love the Luxembourg people. Luxembourg has a wide cultural offering and is very accessible, feels bigger than you might think and the capital is small enough to walk almost everywhere. When getting bored in the city, there is great nature and culture around to explore.

    Your favourite restaurant out of the 250 listed in Explorator?

    Nothing better than a summer evening dinner with friends at Atelier del Gusto, which seems it was imported as is directly from Italy. Great, simple food in a casual and unexpected atmosphere, efficient service and great wine.