People to people

Luxembourg’s castles and museums are hits with newcomers and tourists, but the grand duchy’s unsung attraction is… its residents. So, for its Summer 2017 print edition, Delano turned to some “unofficial tour guides” to create a unique tourist map.

The cover story is part of Delano’s annual “expat edition”, which presents special reports of interest to recent arrivals and longer term international residents.

The special edition likewise includes guides to October’s local elections in the capital, estate planning, English-speaking crèches and daycare, grocery shopping with an international flair, and where to head for a fun daytrip.

Then Delano examines changes in workplace training and telecommuting, the source of most of the country’s drinking water, and where in the wine country to head this summer.

Also in this issue: a new group for fathers, a stand-up pilot who’s not really a pilot, and Delano’s advice columnist Auntie Eleanor tackles written Luxembourgish and a civics test.

Delano, the English language news magazine for Luxembourg’s international community, is available for €4 at newsstands across the grand duchy. Delano also publishes a weekly what’s on newsletter, “Ten things to do this week”, on Tuesdays, and a weekly review of Luxembourg news, “Ten things to read this week”, on Fridays.

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