Native + Advertising

"Nobody reads advertising. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad."


This Howard Gossage quote is even more relevant today than it was in the 1960s. Never before has content been so important to communication.

Native Advertising: Combining Content and Media 


Native Advertising is a fresh approach that complements classic advertising.

Both useful and informative, Native Advertising employs the visual and editorial codes of its medium and is based on the three pillars of Content Marketing:   

  • Engage with your target audience about their interests

  • Anticipate their questions so that they will turn to you when it is time to buy

  • Be authentic in order to build trust


Maison Moderne’s Agency: the content at the heart of your communication strategy.


Drawing on Maison Moderne’s wealth of publishing experience, our content marketing agency is well placed to help define the strategy, creatives and release schedule that will help you build a successful Native Advertising campaign.

Communication Strategy: Understanding your challenges 

Understanding your business challenges, competitors, target audience and communication strategy is key to allowing us to design your content strategy. We can create  an ecosystem of impactful content for distribution through the best channels, whether it is print, digital, video, audio, or live stream.


Distribution: content is nothing without visibility  

You can have the best content in the world, but it is worthless unless it reaches the right audience. We support the distribution and amplification of  content through our targeted premium media channels, large audiences and community engagement.

Transparency first and foremost

At Maison Moderne we care about our readers and cultivate a culture of transparency. Therefore, all our Native Advertising is labelled "Sponsored Content" in all our publications.


For further information contact our Agency Director,
Mathieu Mathelin.

Les Cases

A happy customer is a happy agency.

That means the world to us.


At Maison Moderne, we value empirical evidence. Below we share some case studies to show you the range of customer issues we are working with today. 


Case study 1: BIL​

Make managing your finances easier with informative and fun content.


 BIL was looking for a content marketing partner to:

  • Produce informative and entertaining content for its myLIFE platform.

  • Distribute this content, generate traffic, and increase site recognition

  • Reach young professionals, investors and entrepreneurs.


  • Challenge and optimise the content strategy of myLIFE

  • Design original video, new editorial content and fun infographics

  • Disseminate and promote content via digital native advertising solutions within the Paperjam newsletter, redirecting readers to myLIFE



  • From the standpoint of brand awareness and brand image, myLIFE has become a go-to content platform and a market benchmark in financial education.

  • myLIFE currently benefits from significant qualitative traffic and displays a high conversion rate level throughout BIL's digital ecosystem

  • The campaign received a prize at the 2018 Native Advertising Awards in Berlin.

Michaël Mertens, Senior Content Manager at BIL, looks back on his collaboration with Maison Moderne


Case study 2: Klin 

Introducing the ecological laundry of tomorrow


Start-up KLIN turned to Maison Moderne to:

  • Assist with its launch in order to gain rapid visibility in the Luxembourg market

  • Define  various services and benefits offered in B2B / B2C

  • Showcase its content on a 360° media ecosystem



  • Develop a media plan and design  a native advertising campaign based on the start-up's intrinsic values: the human element, ecological awareness, efficiency and service.

  • Create targeted print and digital content for distribution in Paperjam and on

  • Make a live stream in the context of sponsorship for the Human Value 10x6 event

  • A double call to action for B2B and B2C targets


  • Rapid, exponential increase in website traffic

  • Optimal conversion rate thanks to the introduction of a coupon for individual customers

  • Significant increase and loyalty of B2B and B2C customers

Pit Zens, co-founder of the Klin company, talks about working with Maison Moderne 


Case study 3: Loxo  

Telling the story of the birth of a brand through a timeline


La marque Loxo recherchait une agence de contenus créatifs pour:

  • Launch Luxembourg's first ever watch brand and its first ever watch model

  • Develop brand awareness within Luxembourg's premium watch market

  • Reach a local and international clientele



  • Define strong and distinctive brand positioning territory

  • Implement a plan for native advertising in both print and digital formats, centred around compelling and passionate storytelling about the design process and watch-making

  • Produce editorial content and videos for Paperjam, and Flydoscope

  • Create content for the brand's website and launch party


  • A successful launch, a visible and emotive campaign, and a growing reputation

  • First orders directly traceable to published content

  • Pulling off the daring move of employing native advertising for a product launch in the world of luxury watchmaking

Georges Weyer, CEO and founder of the LOXO brand, talks about working with Maison Moderne 

Case study 4: Prolingua 

Prolingua: Reinventing the language of an established brand


The Prolingua Language Centre contacted Maison Moderne to:

  • Increase the company’s visibility through a new, younger and more people-centred prism

  • Promote the image of a dynamic language centre and highlight its teaching expertise

  • Raise awareness of its services among B2B and B2C targets (students, individuals, professionals)

  • Relay content across its multimedia ecosystem.



  • Development of an annual media plan with a digital and live stream communication strategy

  • Creation of editorial content for Paperjam and

  • live stream for Paperjam + Delano Club's Human Value 10x6.



  • Building a strong brand image, particularly among a younger target audience

  • Increased visibility and more human and dynamic perception of Prolingua

  • Major growth in both B2B and B2C clientele and increased enrolment numbers

Naouelle Tir, deputy director of Prolingua, talks about working with Maison Moderne 


For further information contact our Agency Director, Mathieu Mathelin