Maison Moderne is offering visibility to startups and SMBs that are moving Luxembourg forward in these difficult times.

The objective of our offer is to support and boost the message that small companies, those with limited financial means that are struggling to communicate their services during this new reality, want to convey
In order to allow as many startups and SMBs to benefit from the offer, and to demonstrate the value of our channels, we have decided to provide the first wave of digital ad placements free of charge. This will help companies get more visibility and create/convert new leads.

For follow-up communication campaigns, we will keep supporting small businesses by offering them double the number of placements for the same amount invested.

Payment facilities may be granted.

Here are the conditions for participation:

Condition 1

This offer is aimed at startups and SMBs based in Luxembourg, with less than 50 employees, who themselves offer innovative services that facilitate and/or improve people's daily lives and/or who contribute to the functioning and/or restarting of economic activity.

Condition 2

Companies commit to comply with the restriction measures introduced by the state services for the entire period imposed. The companies commit to using these campaigns only for communication related to their activities.

Condition 3

The first wave of communication may not exceed an amount of € 5,000 excluding tax.

Condition 4

Companies agree to deliver the technical material on time in order to respect the programming of the campaigns.

This offer will be in effect from March 23.

To contact the Maison Moderne management:

Phone: +352 691 220 056


Maison Moderne reserves the right to decide on the eligibility of companies for this offer.

Maison Moderne reserves the right to stop or not broadcast at any time campaigns that it deems inappropriate or in contradiction with Maison Moderne's values.