Maison Moderne

Maison Moderne, Luxembourg's leading independent publishing company

Our Ambitions

We are committed to Luxembourg's long-term development. We contribute to societal change and the country's international standing by covering all political, social, and cultural development in a constructively critical manner. By challenging decision-makers to strive for even better solutions. By focussing on the innovative and creative forces in this country.


We want to help raise the level of information and thus the involvement of all people in Luxembourg, resident, and transient. We want to improve the understanding between the many different cultures by casting light on their individual achievements and contributions to our open and liberal society.  Towards a modern Luxembourg with the country's leading independent media company: Challenger today, leader tomorrow.

Publishing and independent journalism

We provide an independent and influential voice in Luxembourg's media landscape through quality journalism and the establishment of Paperjam and Delano as some of the country's leading media brands.

Business Club

Through Luxembourg's leading business club, we bring together the communities that move the country forward. Learn, inspire, network, and engage.

Brand Studio: Native advertising, strategic contract publishing, content marketing, and advertising

We have the audience. We know how to get attention. We know how to get the message across. Our strategists, corporate storytellers, and designers are specialists in native advertising, contract publishing, and content marketing. In digital, live, and print - ideally combined.



Towards a modern Luxembourg with the country's leading independent media company:

Challenger today, leader tomorrow.


Editorial Line


  • Maison Moderne is an independent publisher and does not serve partisan, political, trade union or religious interests. 

  • We are committed to Luxembourg’s modernisation and international standing with a perceptive, constructive and open-minded outlook on national issues and business life. We love to broadcast our successes, but we also like to learn from our mistakes, our failures and excesses. 

  • Our editorial line is resolutely democratic, European, and economically and socially liberal. It is neither revolutionary nor conservative but belongs firmly within the progressive camp.




Mike Koedinger, Francis Gasparotto , Etienne Velasti

Executive Committee and its Advisors


CEO : Geraldine Knudson

CFO : Etienne Velasti 

Strategic Business Development Advisor : Francis Gasparotto 

Publishing Director: Mike Koedinger

Business Club Director: Melanie Delannoy

Brand Studio Director: Youcef Damardji

Creative Director: Jeremy Leslie 

Chief Digital Officer: Viktor Dick 


MM Conseil d'aministration 05 03
Board of Directors


President : Mike Koedinger

Members : Marie-Jeanne Chèvremont-Lorenzini,

Pascale Kauffman, Daniel Schneider


HR Manager : Anaïs Bouillet / Sylvie Notarnicola

Administrative Manager: Sylvia Leplang

Digital Project Manager: Meryem Alamy

Distribution Manager: Kévin Thirion

IT Manager: Matthew Dixon


Editor-in-Chief Paperjam digital : Nicolas Léonard

Editor-in-Chief Delano : Duncan Roberts

Editor-in-Chief Paperjam

Architecture + Real Estate : Céline Coubray

Managing Editor Paperjam Guide

& Data Operations Manager: Sarah Macri

Desk editor Paperjam : Jennifer Graglia

Desk editor Delano : Aaron Grunwald

Editorial manager of CityPaperjam+Delano Inflight,

GUDD and Hex : Agathe Goisset

Business Club Deputy Director : Ana Wiscour-Conter

Head of Programming : Julie Lhardit

Head of Production : Magali Larese-Capo

Head of Members Relations : Emilie Bertoni