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Geraldine Knudson

Maison Moderne

Founded in 1994, Maison Moderne is Luxembourg’s premier, independent business media outlet.

Our Ambition


We provide an independent and influential voice in Luxembourg’s media landscape through quality journalism and the establishment of Paperjam and Delano among the country’s leading media brands.

We are committed to Luxembourg’s long-term development. We contribute to societal change and the country’s international standing.

Through Luxembourg’s leading business club, we bring together the communities that move the country forward.

We are media industry pioneers.

We ensure profitability to guarantee independence.

Towards a modern Luxembourg with the country’s leading independent media company.

Challenger today, leader tomorrow. 

Conseil admin
Board of Directors
President: Mike Koedinger

Members: Marie-Jeanne Chèvremont-Lorenzini,
Pascale Kauffman, Daniel Schneider

Shareholders : Mike Koedinger, Francis Gasparotto , Etienne Velasti
Executive Committee and its Advisors
Geraldine Knudson
Geraldine Knudson
see profile
Etienne Velasti
Etienne Velasti
see profile
Mike Koedinger
Mike Koedinger
Ad interim Publishing House Director
see profile
Youcef Damardji
Youcef Damardji
Brand Studio Director
see profile
Viktor Dick
Viktor Dick
Chief Digital Officer
see profile
Francis Gasparotto
Francis Gasparotto
Strategic Business Development Advisor
see profile
Jeremy Leslie
Jeremy Leslie
Creative Director
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Ad interim HR Manager : Sylvie Notarnicola

Administrative Manager : Sylvia Leplang

Digital Project Manager: Meryem Alamy / Antonello Dipinto

Distribution Manager : Kévin Thirion

IT Manager : Matthew Dixon
Publishing House

Editor-in-Chief Paperjam magazine: Thierry Raizer

Editor-in-Chief : Nicolas Léonard

Desk editor Paperjam : Jennifer Graglia

Editor-in-Chief Delano magazine : Natalie Gerhardstein

Editor-in-Chief : Duncan Roberts

Managing Editor Paperjam+Delano Guide & Data Operations Manager : Sarah Macri
Brand Studio

Head of Content Strategy: Emmanuelle Thivollard

Editorial manager: Agathe Goisset

Head of Media, Sales & Solution: Dominique Gouviaux

Head of Club Sales: Virginie Laurent

Back Office Manager: Mirella Ciszewski

Digital Product manager: Marine Kieffer

Marketing manager: Morgane Pernot
Business club

Business Club Deputy Director : Ana Wiscour-Conter

Head of Programming : Pierre-Yves Lanneau Saint Leger

Head of Production : Magali Larese-Capo / Event manager: Pauline Schmaltz

Ad interim Head of Members Relations: Alessandra Gasso

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Headquarters and management, Brand Studio, Business Club
10, rue des Gaulois, (Luxembourg-Bonnevoie)
BP 728, L-2017 Luxembourg

Phone: (+352) 20 70 70

Publishing House
10, avenue de la Liberté, (Luxembourg-Gare)
BP 728, L-2017 Luxembourg

Phone: (+352) 20 70 70



Read the governance charter approved by the Board on 1 July 2021.

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