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Portrait of Michel Grevesse-Sovet, Director of the Paperjam+Delano Business Club
Michel Grevesse-Sovet
Director of Business Club

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The largest generalist business club in Luxembourg with more than 1,600 member companies and an offer of 300 events per season, including training workshops.The Paperjam + Delano Business Club is a modern and inclusive club. It inspires, it teaches and it connects. It's our "café des initiatives".

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New Deal

The 10 pillars of “New Deal”

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A circle of entrepreneurs and leaders of a new kind around training and personal development. Membership works by co-option, respecting a gender balance.
The working language is English and/or French, depending on the preference of the members of each circle.

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A state-approved continuing education centre with an ambitious portfolio. A wide choice of courses is offered in key areas such as management, personal development, human resources, operations, commercial negotiation and marketing, which can be broken down by sector, profession or cross-functionality.

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A forum for inspiration and exchange of opinions. Talks are centred around knowledge exchange and come in various formats: 10×6, conferences, round tables and #LiveChat. Communities come together according to their interests at more than 30 events each season.

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With its rankings and awards, Paperjam celebrates the ideas and achievements of organisations, teams and leaders.
These are unique experiences that bring important communities together at shows and gala dinners.

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To respond to the need to ‘buy better’ and ‘sell more’, the Paperjam + Delano Club acts asa catalyst with significant leverage through its community of 1,100 member companies and institutions.
A digital and live platform, the business club activates transactions in a mutually beneficial matchmaking spirit.

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A friendly get-together in a smart casual setting to develop your professional network over breakfast, lunch or during an afterwork session. And why not a Paperjam + Delano Club House in the future...

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Paperjam is a community of 150,000 readers that members can reach through the magazine, the website, newsletters and of course business club events.
In addition, Paperjam.Jobs and Delano.Jobs enable you to recruit your organisation’s future talents.

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A toolbox, an FAQ, personalised expert advice and an alert system to help members with their administrative, legal, social and tax procedures.

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The Paperjam + Delano Club is changing its governance. To ensure members’ voices are heard and understood more effectively, some 15 Paperjam Boards will be set up in addition to online surveys and focus groups.
The Paperjam + Delano Club is listening to its members now more than ever.

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A transparent commitment

Conscious, inclusive and responsible, Paperjam + Delano Club is an actor of change.
The business club unites modern companies and institutions around these values.

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