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Pierre-Alexis Quirin
Director of Business Development

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To support companies and institutions, offering them a communication strategy based on content, as well as the production and distribution of this content, notably
via the Paperjam and Delano ecosystem.

Communication solutions 2024

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Stand out in 10 highlights in 2024

1. Paperjam «Business zu Lëtzebuerg»

2. Delano, Luxembourg's financial and expat communities

3. Paperjam+Delano Displays

4. Paperjam Architecture + Real Estate

5. Luxair × Paperjam+Delano Inflight Magazine

6. Paperjam+Delano Business Guide

7. Paperjam+Delano Business Club

8. Paperjam+Delano #FoodzillaGuide

9. City

10. Content is King, Context is Queen

Different media, different audience

While City is the official magazine of the City of Luxembourg, its influence extends far beyond the capital. It is the Luxembourg monthly with the largest circulation in the country.

  • Each month, City reaches between 150,000 and 200,000 readers, thanks to its 77,000-copy print run, its door-to-door distribution to 54,000 households in the capital (for a population of 133,000 residents) and countrywide distribution (free distribution to companies, institutions, shops, restaurants and cultural venues; targeted mailing of 14,000 copies).
  • A cosmopolitan population comprising +70% of non-Luxembourgers, 167 different nationalities and also +21,000 arrivals per year (from abroad and from other towns in the country).
  • City is a popular and eagerly anticipated magazine, with a very loyal readership.
  • Good to know for advertisers: thanks to its financing by the City of Luxembourg, City offers an unbeatable CPM in Luxembourg, while offering visibility in a top-quality magazine.
  • Luxembourg City is home to 200,000 workers every day, with the capital accounting for 40% of the country’s jobs (even though the City accounts for just 2% of the country’s territory).
  • While Luxembourg City is a frequent stop-off point for the entire population (cultural, gastronomic, shopping or sporting outings, family visits or professional or even administrative appointments), it is also the country’s leading tourist destination, the capital of international business, etc., not forgetting the workplace for 220,000 cross-border commuters.
  • City is a magazine for the general public thanks to its circulation, but also thanks to its content and its use of French and English (the two main languages of communication in Luxembourg), as well as a cultural magazine featuring a day-to-day calendar of events and activities.
  • City is mainstream in terms of distribution and content, and simultaneously, it is hyper-quality.
  • Although City is read by families, with content aimed at all generations, it is also a magazine read by singles (Luxembourg City alone has 50,384 single households).

Who are the readers of Paperjam and Delano?

Youcef Damardji et Bérengère Beffort.

Respectively heading the Brand Studio and the Publishing House, these two directors aim to remain attentive to the challenges of readers and clients in order to offer them quality independent journalism and to accompany them in their content-based communication strategies.

Reveal the potential of your quality content

By seamlessly mirroring the appearance of regular content in the relevant media, Native Advertising is non-disruptive and engages with its audience in a natural manner, giving the reader a more enjoyable experience. Optimal for long-term communication strategies, Native Advertising provides an opportunity for a company or brand to create consistent messaging and build a relationship with its target audience based on trust. But to be truly successful, Native Advertising requires effective Content Strategy, which should be developed in tandem between the brand and the media as part of a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

With Native Advertising, the brand not only benefits from an expanded audience reach due to the credibility of the media, but also provides readers with high-value content, aligning the advertiser’s interests with those of its target audience. Understanding what you want to focus on – whether it’s awareness, growth, engagement or anything else – is essential when defining your communication objectives and addressing your specific targets through Native Advertising. Recognising those specific communication challenges and properly anticipating market needs will allow the creation of quality narrative that will reward both the brand and the educated audience at which it is aimed.

Native Advertising is available in Print, Digital and Live Experiences. It is communication through content. To be effective, it must be informative or useful to readers, but it can also be entertaining. Its format must be perfectly integrated into the context in which it is placed by using the right codes (tone of voice, artistic, direction). It is more effective if it is strategically planned in the medium - or long-term. Provided it is well produced, Native Advertising is powerful and complements traditional advertising campaigns.

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Print formats
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Brand Voice print

A double-page format integrated seamlessly into the relevant magazine, a Brand Voice Print provides advertisers with the opportunity to engage directly with sophisticated readers in a variety of editorial formats, including tailor-made articles, narrative stories and Q&A interviews. These can be enhanced with visual elements such as timelines, infographics and photographs that will help a company hone the message it wants to share. If the communication objectives require it, a four-page format is also available. Content produced by Maison Moderne.

Available in Delano, Paperjam and Inflight.

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Sponsored article, one or more pages long available in, Paperjam or Delano.
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Partner content

Partner Content is a hybrid format that comprises advertising and a Brand Voice. Combining storytelling expertise and visually striking graphics, it is available in full-page and double-page formats. Content provided by the client.

Available in Delano, Paperjam and Inflight.

Digital formats
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Series of ten (or more) sponsored digital articles.
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In the “Communities & Expertise” area, you will find the “Knowledge” section, which brings together the words of experts on strategic themes such as the financial market, real estate, tech & innovation, legal, administration & finance, management, communication & marketing, HR & training, sustainability, tools & skills, etc. For each company committing to 12/24 months, a landing page is created around the brand and the theme it has chosen. Companies can choose to publish 5, 10 or 15 articles per year. These contributions consist of an article illustrated by a photo. It can be enriched by additional embedded content (presentations, white papers, catalogues, videos, maps, etc.). Participating in the Knowledge section allows you to strengthen your reputation on a chosen theme, amplify your thought leadership and develop your business or attract talent.

These contributions can be published on paperjam.lu or delano.lu, or both. The appreciation of know-how and experts contributes to converting an audience, attracting an engaged public, all the while continuously improving brand referencing. Each time a contribution is published, it is integrated into the respective Paperjam and Delano newsletters for significant amplification. It is recommended that these contributions be distributed via social media, newsletters or corporate email signatures (including the title and link to the page hosted by us). Content production can be handled by the Brand Studio: interviews, article writing, photography, video. These services have an extra charge.

Available on delano.lu and paperjam.lu.

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Grand Dossiers
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The ‘Grands Dossiers’/Know-How integrate different types of content (articles, visuals, videos).

The Grand Dossiers focus on the most topical business challenges, interviewing key market and institutional players, providing experts the opportunity to spotlight specific solutions. On the Grands Dossiers release date, all Paperjam and/or Delano subscribers can discover all experts’ contributions through a dedicated newsletter. In addition, each contribution is also published in the twice daily Paperjam newsletter and/or the Delano newsletter. These contributions include at least an article and a video interview. They can also be enriched with additional embedded content (presentations, white papers, catalogues, videos, maps, etc.). All contributions are hosted on paperjam.lu and delano.lu, which allows for greater reach at a lower cost, while benefiting from bilingual SEO. It is recommended that these contributions be promoted via social media channels, newsletters or in your corporate email signature (including the title and the link to the page hosted by us). Video production is included in our offer and the creation of any additional content can be handled by the Brand Studio as a paid option. To boost the reach, a Grand Dossier can be accompanied by a banner campaign on websites and/or newsletters on paperjam.lu or delano.lu, or of course both. This allows for a more consistent reach. The appreciation of know-how and experts contributes to converting an audience, attracting an engaged public, all the while continuously improving brand referencing.

Available on delano.lu and paperjam.lu.

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Digital Brand Voice
Brand voice digital
Sponsored digital content available on paperjam.lu and delano.lu.
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Digital Brand Voices are sponsored content on paperjam.lu and/or delano.lu, amplified via Paperjam and/or Delano newsletters, each with an open rate of over 35%. Marketed as a series of at least three episodes, the Brand Voice Plus allows you to add dynamic elements (videos, podcasts, infographics, key figures) to help readers understand each subject. Audience reach is always amplified via inclusion in the Paperjam and/or Delano newsletters and accompanied by a push campaign of 40,000 displays per Brand Voice Plus, giving your messages greater visibility. Please note that this sponsored content remains on our sites indefinitely.

Available on delano.lu and paperjam.lu.

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Press releases
Brand voice plus
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Enriched with didactic graphic elements (timeline, key figures, graphics...).

This offer allows you to publish press releases at your own pace and with no editorial constraints on paperjam.lu (in French) and on delano.lu (in English). The text is accompanied by one more editorial photos (the visual cannot be a graphic element or a logo). In order to amplify the dissemination of press releases, sharing the contributions via the company’s social media channels and newsletters are recommended.

Corporate publishing

Contract Publishing
Internal magazines
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Arendt - Arendt’ We All
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BIL - 69 route d’Esch
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CGDIS - Honnertzwielef 112
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Ville de Luxembourg - City
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Luxair - Inflight
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Ministère de l’Agriculture - Gudd!
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Nordstad - hex
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Cargolux - Charlie Victor
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Inowai - Now
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Bureau Moderne - Spaces
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Shopping Center Cloche d’Or - Enjoy
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JLL - M2
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