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To provide an independent and influential voice in Luxembourg’s media landscape through quality journalism by positioning Paperjam and Delano among the country’s leading media brands.

Mission and vision of the publisher Maison Moderne

Maison Moderne is an independent publisher that serves no partisan, political, trade union or religious interests. Its mission is to inform different types of readers as well as possible through its press publications in order to enable them to fully exercise their citizenship.

Committed to the modernisation and international influence of Luxembourg, Maison Moderne takes a sharp, constructive and open look at national issues, as well as at business life. It echoes its successes, but is also critical of its mistakes, failures and excesses.

Maison Moderne is resolutely democratic, European and liberal on an economic and societal level. The publisher stands energetically for progress and socio-economic advances.

Editorial lines of publications



Paperjam magazine is the leading monthly publication of economic, financial, political and cultural information in Luxembourg.

The journalists, supported by an editor-in-chief, inform readers, primarily economic decision-makers and executives, about the economic and financial issues that structure and even determine the future of Luxembourg in the medium and long term.

It is aimed at both Luxembourgish and non-Luxembourgish residents, as well as French-speaking cross-border commuters who are interested in the country’s development. The magazine focuses on long-term subjects beyond the daily news.

Thematic dossiers and major interviews show the trends and innovations in the sector and provide an in-depth look at the themes that will form the news of tomorrow. Portraits highlight who makes Luxembourg’s economy tick.


site pj

The online news website Paperjam.lu covers the economic, financial, political and cultural news in Luxembourg and the GreaterRegion in order to provide a large French-speaking readership with relevant and factual information on the daily news.

The synthetic textual formats and their graphic enrichments are produced by a team of online journalists supported by an editor-in-chief. The articles are designed for a quick and efficient reading.

The editorial pieces develop the day’s news for an informed audience that closely follows business developments. They contextualise the main messages of key players and provide a perspective to contribute to the democratic debate of the moment.


Delano is a monthly English magazine of reference in Luxembourg focusing on economic, financial, political and cultural information.

It addresses the international business community and those for whom English has become the lingua franca in their professional and/or private lives. The team of journalists, supported by their editor-in-chief, are committed to give an in-depth view of main economic and financial issues while explaining the specificities of the country.

Delano magazine proposes detailed analyses and long interviews with expats, and presents local decision-makers. The readers get practical information on life in Luxembourg to facilitate their long-term integration in a multicultural country and to strengthen links between the communities.


The website Delano.lu is a news outlet in English providing economic, financial, political and cultural information on Luxembourg on a daily basis.

The online pieces written by journalists and guided by an editor-in-chief target the broad international community. The articles on Delano.lu provide the context and highlights of daily events in a synthetic and timely manner.

Through initiative topics and by putting press releases into perspective, the editorial staff brings a sharp selection of information to support people exchanging in a multicultural environment.

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For almost 25 years, Paperjam has been a reliable, influential and independent media.
The undisputed leader in the economic and financial press, the Paperjam ecosystem is the reference for business in Luxembourg and reaches 150,000 unique people with its website, newsletters, magazine, supplements, special issues, job board, social channels, training programme, awards and events.

It is an affluent and educated audience: almost 3/4 of them belong to social groups 1+2; almost 2/3 are university graduates, and 37.1% have a degree of 5 years or more*.

Paperjam is the place to be for opinion leaders, influencers and decision-makers, in business and in politics - and even at home, where almost 3/4 of them are ‘household shoppers’.*

We know that half of the readers are female (45.2%), and it is even more surprising to learn that more than 1/3 of the readers are under 35 years old (37.4%). Paperjam has become a media brand that bridges generations*.
*Source: TNS Ilres Plurimedia 2021.I

The website

Luxembourg’s leading eco-findaily, Paperjam.lu is the main daily meeting place for the business and political community in Luxembourg.

Paperjam.lu is also an international showcase for the French-speaking world linked to the Grand Duchy.

Paperjam.lu is organised into five main categories: Politics & Institutions; Financial centre & Markets; Companies & Strategies; Communities & Expertise; Lifestyle & Practical life.

With its independent and quality journalism, Paperjam.lu has become, in more than 20 years, a very reliable source of information offering an editorial context and brand safety.

With 70,000 page views per working day and 380,000 unique visitors per month, users frequent the site several times a day.

Grands Dossiers

The Grands Dossiers focus on the most topical business challenges, interviewing key market and institutional players, providing experts the opportunity to spotlight specific solutions. On the Grands Dossiers release date, all Paperjam and/or Delano subscribers can discover all experts’ contributions through a dedicated newsletter. In addition, each contribution is also published in the twice daily Paperjam newsletter and/or the Delano newsletter. These contributions include at least an article and a video interview. They can also be enriched with additional embedded content (presentations, white papers, catalogues, videos, maps, etc.). All contributions are hosted on paperjam.lu and delano.lu, which allows for greater reach at a lower cost, while benefiting from bilingual SEO. It is recommended that these contributions be promoted via social media channels, newsletters or in your corporate email signature (including the title and the link to the page hosted by us). Video production is included in our offer and the creation of any additional content can be handled by the Brand Studio as a paid option. To boost the reach, a Grand Dossier can be accompanied by a banner campaign on websites and/or newsletters on paperjam.lu or delano.lu, or of course both. This allows for a more consistent reach. The appreciation of know-how and experts contributes to converting an audience, attracting an engaged public, all the while continuously improving brand referencing.

Available on delano.lu and paperjam.lu.


In the “Communities & Expertise” area, you will find the “Knowledge” section, which brings together the words of experts on strategic themes such as the financial market, real estate, tech & innovation, legal, administration & finance, management, communication & marketing, HR & training, sustainability, tools & skills, etc. For each company committing to 12/24 months, a landing page is created around the brand and the theme it has chosen. Companies can choose to publish 5, 10 or 15 articles per year.

These contributions consist of an article illustrated by a photo. It can be enriched by additional embedded content (presentations, white papers, catalogues, videos, maps, etc.). Participating in the Knowledge section allows you to strengthen your reputation on a chosen theme, amplify your thought leadership and develop your business or attract talent. These contributions can be published on paperjam.lu or delano.lu, or both. The appreciation of know-how and experts contributes to converting an audience, attracting an engaged public, all the while continuously improving brand referencing. Each time a contribution is published, it is integrated into the respective Paperjam and Delano newsletters for significant amplification. It is recommended that these contributions be distributed via social media, newsletters or corporate email signatures (including the title and link to the page hosted by us). Content production can be handled by the Brand Studio: interviews, article writing, photography, video.

These services have an extra charge.  Available on delano.lu and paperjam.lu.

Social Media

social media

Paperjam has 125,000 followers on its social channels, from Facebook to Linkedin and Instagram. With 68,000 followers, Paperjam is one of the leading Luxembourg brands on Linkedin.

The magazine

The flagship of the Paperjam brand, the premium monthly magazine has 102,100 readers per issue.

Print is about precious moments, about reading in lean back mode, about ‘me time’ that combines pleasure, concentration and reflection. It’s a slow, long time. Privileged moments for an off-screen escape that provokes ideas and forms opinions.

Readers enjoy conversations in S, M and L mode, original analysis, diverse opinions, but also a magazine that meets high quality standards, from the art direction to the original photography. It is this exceptional quality that creates a bond, collaboration, enables the transfer of brand images and, by increasing the rate of take-up, amplifies the opportunities to be seen... and retained.


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Direct Mailing

Send your sales brochure, invitation or postcard directly to all readers of a magazine using Direct Mailing.

Direct Mailing is a blister-packed document associated with the magazine, either on all magazines or guides, or only to subscribers who receive it by name.

Paperjam+Delano Business Guide

A business accelerator for over 25 years, the 500+ page Paperjam+Delano Business Guide’s annual print edition has been enhanced and enriched with new personalised features to mirror Luxembourg’s business ecosystems. Its user-friendly digital version echoes the print version while updating information and data throughout the year.

The Paperjam+Delano Business Guide adopts the Paperjam format and, in line with our net-zero strategy, uses a new format and a new paper which reduce CO2 emissions by over 40%. The editorial content of the business sectors, and their main professional organisations, has been qualitatively enhanced. The nomenclature has been enriched to always align with the evolution of the country’s economic ecosystems.

Discover 1,000+biographies of the main economic and political decision makers in Luxembourg. Your promotional needs differ depending on your activities: discover our new tailored promotion solutions adapted to your sector.

The Paperjam+Delano Business Guide is the leader in B2B and B2G information in Luxembourg, your go-to publication for finding out information about industry leaders, economic and political decision makers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The guide will help you understand the key sectorial challenges and grow your network.This annual business guide is sent to all Paperjam and Delano subscribers (14,000), as well as the 1,600+ companies and institutions that are members of the Paperjam+Delano Business Club. It is also distributed at Paperjam+Delano Business Club events, and on sale at newsstands and bookstores.

Did you know? Because of its usefulness, the Paperjam+Delano Business Guide benefits from a high rate of take-up throughout the year.

Did you know? 
The Paperjam+Delano Business Guide benefits from a high rate of take-up throughout the year.

Paperjam Hors-série Architecture + Real Estate

A real reference for the sector, Paperjam Architecture + Real Estate is a preeminent publication and digital newsletter that has earned a well-deserved reputation for its rigorous look at new projects and trends.

Paperjam Architecture + Real Estate, which becomes biannual, showcases the latest residential, workspace, retail, community, town planning and culture venue projects in Luxembourg, as well as architecture designed by local firms on the international scene. The stylish, meticulous and critical publication is overseen by editor-in-chief Céline Coubray, whose 15+ years of expertise shine through.

The brand also engages more directly with its readers – including architects, engineers, developers, craftspeople and builders, private and institutional clients – via events and specialist conferences. The first edition of Paperjam Architecture + Real Estate in 2024 will be published in spring and will focus on residential and cultural projects, urban and landscape architecture, and exporting. A second edition in autumn will focus on offices, collectives, retail, real estate and also exporting. Previously published every fortnight, the Paperjam Architecture + Real Estate newsletter will now be delivered, for free, to subscribers every month. Written by an acclaimed editorial team, it will inform readers – professionals from across the sector as well as discerning individuals – of latest developments in residential, workspace, retail and institutional real estate news.

Paperjam+Delano Inflight

With its Inflight magazine, Luxair offers its 2+ million annual passengers a high-end bilingual publication. This includes a selection of the best articles from Delano and Paperjam (finance, business, Luxembourg and lifestyle) together with sections dedicated to travel features and news from the national airline.

The magazine is available on board the Luxair fleet in seat pockets and in the business lounge at Luxembourg airport. Passengers can also access a digital version of the magazine using QR codes available at the airport and on passenger seats. Paperjam+Delano Inflight is published five times a year, reaching 2+ million passengers.

Key figures

  • ‍2+ million annual passengers (42% of leisure travellers, 58% of business travellers)
  • Passengers spend an average flight-time of 2,5 hours in the aircraft
  • 21 aircraft
  • 95+ destinations in 33+ countries
  • 28,000+ flights/year (7,456 for LuxairTours, 20,683 for other airlines)
  • 2,600 flights/month on average (up to 3,200 flights/months in summer)
  • Luxair Lounge (160K+ passengers/year)



Launched in 2011, Delano has become, over the years, the English media of reference in Luxembourg.

In 2023, Delano became the voice of the Financial and Expat communities in Luxembourg.

Delano offers valuable insights into the financial sector, including banking, investments, wealth management and insurance, as well as in-depth coverage of the Luxembourg business scene.

With 81% of Luxembourg’s residents speaking English – that is, more than 600,000 residents – Delano addresses both the international community in Luxembourg and all those for whom English has become the lingua franca in their profession or private lives.

As an English-language finance and business media, Delano is the premier source of information for an international audience interested in Luxembourg’s financial sector. This is highly engaging for business development, potential collaborations, as well as international talent acquisition.

Delano is a powerful and recognized media ecosystem with its website and its daily Noon Briefing newsletter delivered to over 10,000 subscribers.

The weekly Delano Finance newsletter also reachs 31,000 subscribers.

Delano publishes five magazine editions, four of which are dedicated to the financial sector and one more specifically to the expat community.

Like Paperjam, Delano is aimed at an affluent and educated community, opinion leaders and decision makers of all nationalities, and more particularly the 65,000 professionals of the financial sector.

The website

In 2021, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Delano.lu will be revamped to fit perfectly into the Paperjam+Delano ecosystem, a bilingual French-English ecosystem, in order to reach all decision makers in Luxembourg.

Delano.lu is also the first international showcase for Luxembourg with its very well referenced site and more than ten years of archives of news in the Grand Duchy.

Grand Dossiers

know how

The “Grand Dossiers” section is a Native Advertising Solution that allow companies and their experts to express their views on strategic issues, while taking advantage of the high visibility that both paperjam.lu and delano.lu can offer.



Knowledge articles are discourses on a specific subject by one or more experts from the same company.

The content deals with the same theme from different angles. These articles allow a company to position itself as a reference in its field of expertise. This high quality content becomes a must-read for Delano subscribers.

The magazine

In 2021, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the magazine is reinvented in a new format, becoming monthly, increasing its circulation to 20,000 copies and adding themed supplements.

Direct Mailing

Send your commercial brochure, invitation or postcard directly to all the readers of a magazine using Direct Mailing.

Direct Mailing is a blister-packed document associated with the magazine, either on all magazines or guides, or only to subscribers who receive it by name.

The Annual Expat Guide

Special edition : Delano’s annual Expat Guide – released each year since 2014 – provides tips, advice and insights for newcomers and longer-term Expats. The guide features six sections: Settling in, Daily life, Childcare & Family, Professional life, Personal finance and Leisure time.


Since our inception in 1994, original photography has always played a strategic role for Maison Moderne, now publisher of Delano and Paperjam.

READ photography and rights

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