Paperjam is Maison Moderne's flagship media brand. Acknowledged leader of the economic and financial press with 150,000 unique readers of its magazine, supplements and special editions, website, newsletters and business club.

Paperjam, a trustworthy, influential and independent media source, since the year 2000. Targeting economic and political decision-makers, the business community, frontier workers and residents of Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Opinion leaders and influencers, senior and middle management. A readership of mostly university graduates. Half of Paperjam's readers are women. An educated and affluent readership.


The magazine


Paperjam magazine has been a monthly must-read for decision-makers and executives at every stage of their career for close to 20 years

With 85,000 readers per issue (and 150,000 unique readers for every three issues), Paperjam magazine is the undisputed leader for business news in the Grand Duchy. Its readership continues to increase. Each issue features:

  • Ristretto: an intense shot of political, financial centre and business news;

  • Conversations: the magazine’s main focus, five major interviews reflecting the magazine’s style;

  • Enjeux: in-depth analysis of financial, political or social issues;

  • Business Case: one business, its strategy and its backstory put under the microscope;

  • Lifestyle: Interiors, Style, Money, Food, Mental health.




Paperjam’s supplements are a must-read for various different audience groups. They are distributed with the magazine and come in three different formats: Classic, Journal and Booklet. Each format reflects their different objectives, content and distribution. The new formats add variety to the reader experience and allow for different types of advertising. These new formats were met with resounding success amongst our readers when launched in 2019. They enable companies to reach out to and engage new audiences, offer a varied reader experience and enable advertisers to communicate in optimum
different ways.


Paperjam Guide


The Paperjam Guide is an annual Special Issue, first published in 1997. Issued in both paper (580 pages) and website form, this key B2B guide lists 6,700 companies and institutions and publishes the biographies of more than 2,000 economic and political decision-makers. 

It is an indispensable tool for learning about and making contact with market players. The Paperjam Guide boosts business. 

Paperjam Architecture + Real Estate

Paperjam Architecture + Real Estate explores the world of real estate, covering the latest projects in the Grand Duchy. Paperjam Architecture + Real Estate caters to professionals in the architecture and real estate sectors, investors, economic and institutional decision makers, property buyers, as well as town planning and landscape enthusiasts. Paperjam Architecture + Real Estate is available throughout the year, along with a fortnightly newsletter. Subscribers can access events organised by Paperjam + Delano Club (Club Talks, Seated Dinner Parties, The Place, 10×6 events) and receive themed supplements (Mipim, Real Estate, Business Guide), including a new 300-page annual special edition.


The website

Paperjam.lu is Luxembourg's leading ecofin daily. The main source of information for and about the Grand Duchy’s business community with more than 300,000 unique visitors per month.


The Paperjam.lu site is evolving. It is structured around five themes: 

  • "Politics & Institutions"

  • "Financial Centre & Markets"

  • "Companies & Strategies" 

  • "Communities & Expertise" 

  • "Lifestyle & Daily Life"


A digital twice-daily update and other Newsletters

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Digital Twice-Daily Update:  

"Tell the time with the Paperjam Newsletter"


According to loyal subscribers, the arrival of our newsletter twice a day, at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., allows them to keep track of time. It also provides them with real-time business and political news about Luxembourg and the Greater Region. With over 33,000 subscribers, the Paperjam newsletter is a powerful media source targeting the business and political communities.


Digital special feature 

The expert voice.
"Features". Where experts share their knowledge.

Find our Special Features in the "Communities & Expertise" section of the Paperjam.lu website. These are also relayed via our newsletters. Special Features combine a variety of content (texts, visuals, infographics and videos), providing  readers with the information they need and responding to the challenges faced by different economic sectors.

  • Finance

  • Legal

  • Human Resources

  • Technologies

  • Wealth Management


With simplified navigation for optimal user experience.



Job postings that stand out and are seen


A job board specialised in career opportunities for white-collar workers. Reach out to a working population, including those that may not actively beseeking new employment, with job postings fully integrated into our newsletters and the Paperjam and Delano websites.


The Paperjam+ Delano Club

Join Paperjam+ Delano Club, Luxembourg's biggest business club

  • 250+ events per year

  • 1,300+ corporate members

  • 150+ training workshops

  • 17.000 attendees at our events in 2019

Paperjam + Delano Club brings Luxembourg's business community together throughout the year with events ranging from networking to continuing professional development, gala evenings to theme-specific round tables. 

Paperjam + Delano club organises more than 250 events a year. It provides its 1,000 member businesses with illustrious events including the "Paperjam Top 100 – celebrating Luxembourg’s most influential economic policymakers”; original formats such as  "10x6" talks; recognised training; and our remarkable "Discovery Days".

Paperjam + Delano Club has the expertise to create tailor-made events that bring communities together through their shared interests, sectors, trades and occupations..

Paperjam + Delano Club in four words: Learn, Inspire, Network, Engage.