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D’esprit critique, la tribu des Évolutionnaires s’enquiert de différents points de vue pour se poser les bonnes questions et nourrir sa réflexion.

les évolutionnaires

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Mike Koedinger
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As part of itsnet-zerostrategy, Maison Moderne is adapting the format of its magazines and changing the type of paper it uses, resulting in a reduction in the weight of the magazine – and therefore CO₂ emissions.

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Six steps that will lead to success together

At the start of the conversation with our clients, we like to challenge their communication strategy. We analyse it through three distinct and complementary prisms: Corporate Communication, Business Development and Employer Branding. In a context where talent acquisition can be more complex than customer acquisition, it’s crucial to integrate it fully into any communication strategy.

Our strength lies in our association with influential media brands, enabling us to generate exceptional reach while maintaining audience trust. We deploy unique communication tools, skillfully combining the advantages of traditional advertising with those of native advertising, to maximise the impact of each campaign.

In addition, we can multiply the effect of native advertising campaigns tenfold by complementing them with digital marketing initiatives on platforms such as Google or Meta.

All of this is embodied in powerful strategic recommendations, supported by solid annual media plans, carefully crafted for clients with long-term commitments.

We believe in the value of lasting relationships. This philosophy has been at the heart of Maison Moderne’s approach during the first 30 years of its existence. It goes without saying that we invite you to continue this tradition.

Maison Moderne and its concrete pledges

After its carbon footprint assessment in 2022, Maison Moderne has drafted and is currently deploying its strategy for transitioning to net zero. This is illustrated with different interventions:

The reduction of CO2 emissions per printed magazine issue.

The consumption, and even production, of green energy (thanks to a solar photovoltaic system mounted on the roof of the HQ in Bonnevoie).

A significant vegetarian – and even vegan– offer, a reduction to a maximum of 10% of red meat, the suppression of foie gras or tuna, a reduction of food waste thanks to food bags and the consciousness raising of members to reduce no-shows at the numerous events.

Inclusivity in terms of audiences. Although the business club primarily serves its members and their guests, it is the members who allow up to 5% of the places to be freely accessible to students in Luxembourg, students who reside in Luxembourg and are studying abroad, teachers in the public sector, jobseekers and those seeking international protection.

Inclusivity on stage. While speakers are obviously selected for the quality of their delivery, a diversity of profiles are actively sought out (in terms of gender, generation, background). By 2024, women will represent 50% of all speakers taking part in the 10×6 events, round-table discussions and conferences (as an annual average).

Maison Moderne provides free advertising space to non-profit organisations, social enterprises, etc., through its Pro Bono Advertising initiative. In total, an annual budget of over €100,000 is available.


Maison Moderne has formalised a governance charter and chosen to make it public.
It can be consulted here.

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